Welcome fellow Knife Enthusiast!

Please allow me to introduce myself! My name is AJ, and if you found us, like you knives are my passion. From my first cheap “camp” genuine fake stag jackknife when I was six or seven years old, until my obsession with Bark River (thanks Mike!) and other premium knives today, I have been a Knife Enthusiast for most of my life.

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Like most of you, I buy, trade, and sell knives online mostly on eBay, and while they do a good job (kudos Ebay!), I figured it was high time for us in the knife world, to have our own marketplace, dedicated to all things that cut, carve, chop, slice, saw, or otherwise just make us happy by owning them!

It is to this end that I have invested in this joint effort, called, Knife Enthusiast! I say joint effort, because I am looking for all of your help to make this the best one stop market place, forum, and knife article domain on the Internet! As we roll this out, I would appreciate your feedback, in order to know what is working for you, what is not, and what you would like to see as a community.

Please help us make this the project that I have envisioned since the beginning, an online, hang out for people who really enjoy buying, collecting, and using anything with an edge.

We have been working on this project for over a year, and I am looking forward to the launch, learning curve and collaborations in the months ahead, and helping you all in your journey of education (Thanks Sal and the team at Spyderco, love you guys!), as well as getting the best knives for the best prices, into your waiting hands!

Please let us know your thoughts on how we are doing, join the community, or just drop a line to say hello!

And as always, from all of us at Knife Enthusiast, thanks for stopping by, and welcome to the family!

AJ Eiss
CKE (Chief Knife Enthusiast!;)