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We have been passionate about knives for a lifetime, joining the EDC club early on

Since our youth we have scoured Flea markets and online websites looking for discounted knives, as well as engaging in discussions on knives (Reddit) and BladeForums…until we noticed a nagging problem in the Knife community.

There is no single best place for getting advice, discussing, buying, selling or swapping your cool knives online.

Knife enthusiast is here to do that for you.

We have melded Blade Forums and an eBay styled market place, with the idea to simplify and enhance our online knife community. You can now purchase your favorite edged tools, easily, securely, and knowledgeably. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first heavy
duty knife and need help locating which knife is best for you, or you are a seasoned collector looking to buy or sell vintage knives, or just want to engage in conversation about your favorite knives, Knife Enthusiast is your one stop website.

Find any knife from Custom knives, vintage knives, modern, survival, bushcraft, or EDC knives and more!

Reach out to our experts, gain some valuable guidance and advice, and simplify the buying process. You can start chatting on our forums to discuss and learn all about the ins and outs of all things knives. If you already know which knife you are looking for, jump right into the marketplace! You can buy, sell, swap and discuss knives with other knife enthusiasts instantly. It’s all here all in one place.

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